Frequently asked questions

Are MyFaceMasks products medical grade?

No, they are designed for everyday use, simply to prevent contact with your face in public places. Additional they are reusable and minimise the waste generated by disposable masks.

Can I use my own design on a mask?

Yes, you can! Custom masks do come at an additional setup cost. Send your design to and we’ll be in touch!

Is my mask washable?

All face masks are hand washable. We recommend hand washing your mask once a week to maintain freshness. Do not tumble dry!

Can I use my own logo on a mask?

Yes, you can use add custom branding to your masks. This branding will come with an additional setup cost. Send your enquiry to and we’ll talk options.

I don’t like my mask; can I return it or replace it with another?

No, unfortunately you cannot return a mask if you do not like it.

My mask is faulty; can I get a replacement?

Yes. If your mask is faulty please send an image to We will then send you a replacement mask.

How long will it take to get My Face Mask?

Due to high demand orders will be dispatched within 9-10 business days of the order date. Shipping time is dependant on location and circumstances.

How many layers do MyFaceMasks have?

MyFaceMasks consist of 2 layers of anti-bacterial dry-fit fabric, making them extremely breathable and absorbant!

What size will fit me best?

Why wear a face mask?